Thai Massage-2 hours $160

Lomi lomi- 90min $120


Massage Therapist

Shannon Williams has logged over 2,500 hours attending massage trainings in locations such as Thailand, Maui, and Costa Rica. He has principally trained in Thai modalities and Hawaiian healing therapies. After spending over a decade working as an elementary school teacher, he decided he wanted to take the leap and seriously commit himself full-time to practices in health and wellness. In his own life, Shannon enjoys trying to find balance in movement and stillness in meditation. He has an extensive sports background, which includes college-level lacrosse, competitive amateur boxing and muy thai, and ocean lifeguard competitions. Shannon is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. He currently trains in yoga, martial arts, and strength training. Shannon has also been formally practicing meditation since 2001. He acknowledges that various types of stress contribute to areas of held tension in the body. During appointments, Shannon applies manual therapies, while encouraging clients to facilitate awareness and healing using their own breath.